Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Did you know Disneyland has had a parade everyday for 50 years?
I thought, wouldn't it be great to have a parade everyday for... a week.
We tried it, even when our friends were over. 
Have a parade, they are a blast.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Meagan was doing the dishes and couldn't handle the smell of the garbage, so she grabbed the tweezers. She is our "out of the box" thinker.

Our Olympian

Alex has developed quite a few talents this past year.

Isaacs Birthday

Look who just turned 1. We love this little guy.

Our birthday parade crew.
So.... He spits out egg, melon, and carrots, and chows down on dirt??

Annual Tulip Trip

So, I told the kids on the first sunny day in April we would head to the tulips. Meagan was unfortunately in school, and fortunate for Aaron he was working. So it was just the boys and I. I am happy that Alex enjoys the colors and smells of the flowers like I do. He is also turning into quite a photographer. This is our 10th year going up to Skagit Valley.