Friday, February 6, 2009

Isaac's Much Needed First Haircut

So, I am sitting on the floor in the hall of the "primary wing" at church with Aaron's sister Lydia while Isaac is running around.  I am looking at him and getting more embarrassed with each passing moment.  Her kids are always beautifully groomed and looking cute as cute can be.  Isaac's top and front part of his hair is flying in all directions.  The back of his hair is matted to his head and looks like a forest creature has made a comfortable nest.  His poor little face is 3 different shades of red from a rash.  His clothes are one size too big.  As his mother I think he is still cute of course, but good golly who is taking care of this guy?  Back at cousins house, Aunt Lydia did the honors of taming the wild hair and doesn't he look good now?

Birthday Bash

Meagan is now our big 9 year old.  Alex will be 7  on the 10th.  This year for their present from Mom and Dad, we took them to see the cousins.  They are their favorite people in the whole world.  Meagan and the girls,  and then Alex and boys each decorated half (or one 9"round) of a cake with candles and redhots.  I have to say I was very impressed with how the boys pulled it off.  Everyone just did what they wanted and nobody  had a problem with it.  Meagan on the other hand had been planning her decorating strategy for weeks and wasn't going for anything else.  Eventually, she conceded and the girls formed an entirely new design.  There was some good compromising and the spirit of inclusion was felt.
At one point Alex asked, "so why aren't we  getting any presents?"  Meagan then explained once again that gas in the car and time with family is what we are focusing on this year.  They both are good sports.

Due to the speed at which these kids eat cake (or is it still that I am recovering from "mommy brain"), we were barely lucky enough to get a picture of the last slice left from each cake.


For our 13th anniversary, we decided to go to Whistler. This marks the 2nd year in our quest to do an annual trip to this northern playground. With a little work we were able to get all but Isaac skiing and having a great time. Skiing was spring conditions, warm, sunny, and very fast. Meagan and Alex were awesome! By the second day they were skiing all over and had become much more comfortable on the snow. This is the first year Shari skied at Whistler, man, I love a cute snow bunny!!