Saturday, November 29, 2008

real stinker

I feel like one of those commercials...
Leaving the kids with In-laws while on a date....$0.00
Movie tickets....$18.00
Movie snacks...$7.00
Wanting to walk out, but you can't because she lost her wallet....PRICELESS

We had a great Thanksgiving with Shari's parents. However, while we were there Shari wanted to go see a movie. Our babysitter said that Twilight was great (I'm going to fire her), and since Shari loves the books, we were off.
I admit I have read the books. They are just okay, for me there was too much melodrama, "does he love me, wheres he at, I can't live without him, I want a bloodshake, blah, blah, cry, cry, calculated emotional response". Not worth reading again. It could be condensed to about 200 pages total.

The movie......HORRIBLE, it was so slow, I almost fell asleep, we were about to walk out when Shari said, "I lost my wallet!", so here I am 40 min into the movie scrambling to find her wallet so we can leave, I'm crawling on the floor desperately grabbing at shadows. Bumping seats, sorry, grabbing feet, sorry again.
Here it is!.. no, just some old popcorn.
Wait!, here's something...puddle of pop.
Whats this!....I think I'm going to vomit. Oh wait somebody already did, awesome!!!
Without luck I searched, without hope we stayed. Its bad enough to watch a movie you don't like, but to have to wait for the credits to finish so they can turn on the lights, miserable.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Veterans day

Make sure you thank a veteran today. Because of them we have the freedoms we enjoy every day.
Our military is a funny thing, it is both a proud, and sad display. Proud to see these couragous people who protect our home and others. Sad to see just how young they are. We pray for peace. We pray for your safety.

Thanks Pap-pa

Thanks Uncle Richard

Thanks Grampa Micheal

Thanks Uncle Kipp (tecnically not a veteran, but your working towards it.)

Thanks to all the veterans, servicemen and women.
Our family appreciates all that you did (and do) for our country.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stick to the issues

So the kids voted today in their classes. What a great concept, getting kids involved early in life. They might have done that when I was young and I just don't remember. It's interesting to hear their opinions on who should be President and why. Now I'm not a very political person, but I vote and try to stay current on the issues. So to have my kids come to me and want to talk about politics was new territory. I also felt that alot of their opinions might have been formed by their teachers, so I was geared up to objectively answer their questions and share my feelings.

Meagan approached me and said, "I like Obama because he plays basketball."

Alex said, "McCain likes hamburgers."

Apperently I'm not as current on the issues as I thought.

Get out and vote!