Friday, October 16, 2009

We have had an eventful fall so far, family life is great. To start off we got a bunny, Hershey, cute little guy, he used to be a show bunny, we told him that kind of behavior won't fly here;). He started out in a cage in Meagan's room. That became a stinky situation, so he moved to the garage, still in the cage. Not much later, he sweet talked us into a pen in the backyard, that seemed to be a good fit too, well much like the Mouse and a cookie, he worked out a deal to roam the entire backyard. Hershey, was living the high life, master of his domain, king of the roost, what could he need.....out apparently. Luckily the neighbors found him in their yard, so we beefed up security.....and he breaks out again. Again we recover the little hare. Two weeks later with only minor misshaps and we are sure the worst of it is behind us. Well that little jack%$#@$! (rabbit) can't seem to get enough of the neighborhood. By now the kids don't seem to care as much, so no scouts were sent out. THREE days later he comes back, prodigal bunny,....we still love him, but he no longer is a beneficiary.