Monday, August 11, 2008

camping at Lake Kelcema

Our friends, the Cutlers, had a baby last month, congratulations, so Joe had a month off paternity leave, lucky devil. Being the great Dads we are, we took our kids camping.

Here is the forest service road about 1 mile from the trail head. When we saw this blockade we should have known better, however, I looked at Joe and said, "I have some rope and a truck", Joe look at me and replied, "I have an axe". And the fun began.

Hours later, when we had blazed a trail, we came across another log that we had to clear. What were we thinking?
The kids, up to this time, were having fun running around, but when we finally got to the trail head that all changed(14 inches of snow). You can see the concern in Alex's face.
 It was a hard hike but again being the great Dads we are, we forced them up the trail. 
However once at the lake we had a grand time, its amazing what chocolate and marshmallows can fix.
The lake was beautiful, and as you can see by Lindees face, C-C-C-COLD!!!
This was the trail. It was an amazing camp out. We can't wait until the next one.


lydia moyer said...

you really are grizzly adams. that is hard core stuff there brother. now i have something else to brag to my friends about you. everyone is getting tired of hearing about your adventure racing!