Monday, September 1, 2008

We went to the Evergreen State Fair with our friends, the Morrisons. We had a great time, but it cost as much as going to Disneyland. We gave each kid 20 bucks to spend, and that had to cover their food, games and rides. Meagan brought her friend, Jasmine, and the two of them really enjoyed the "Gravitron". Meagan was a little apprehensive at first but now is a ride junkie.
 Alex went on the roller coaster once and played those rip off games. It was a great learning experience for everyone, parents included. Alex spent 15 on games and got a cheap lizard that lost a leg. Isaac chose only to do the tractor pull.
 We saw the regular attractions pigs, goats, sheep, cows, zebras, and reindeer. I cracked under the pressure and had an elephant ear, half cinnamon, half raspberry, if you haven't had one its a must.


lydia moyer said...

was that a zebra? i want to go to the fair with you guys. sometimes it stinks being all the way over here. you all look like you had a ton of fun!

Judd and Debi Williams said...

so was that part of the zone diet? huh huh yea zebras? Too fun your little girl is changing, she might turn out to be the wild one in the family.