Friday, February 6, 2009

Isaac's Much Needed First Haircut

So, I am sitting on the floor in the hall of the "primary wing" at church with Aaron's sister Lydia while Isaac is running around.  I am looking at him and getting more embarrassed with each passing moment.  Her kids are always beautifully groomed and looking cute as cute can be.  Isaac's top and front part of his hair is flying in all directions.  The back of his hair is matted to his head and looks like a forest creature has made a comfortable nest.  His poor little face is 3 different shades of red from a rash.  His clothes are one size too big.  As his mother I think he is still cute of course, but good golly who is taking care of this guy?  Back at cousins house, Aunt Lydia did the honors of taming the wild hair and doesn't he look good now?


lydia moyer said...

are you kidding me! my kids are always walking around with snotty noses, syrup in their hair anthony always has what ever we ate at our last meal on his face, and usually when i sit down in our church pew i look down at my family and try to take deep breaths telling myself that at least we are at church right?! (and hopefully everyone is wearing underwear)

Paige said...

When I look down the pew @ church I see my kids ears full of dirt-I guess I need to pack Q-tips in the diaper bag!