Monday, November 10, 2008

Veterans day

Make sure you thank a veteran today. Because of them we have the freedoms we enjoy every day.
Our military is a funny thing, it is both a proud, and sad display. Proud to see these couragous people who protect our home and others. Sad to see just how young they are. We pray for peace. We pray for your safety.

Thanks Pap-pa

Thanks Uncle Richard

Thanks Grampa Micheal

Thanks Uncle Kipp (tecnically not a veteran, but your working towards it.)

Thanks to all the veterans, servicemen and women.
Our family appreciates all that you did (and do) for our country.


Kipp + Haruka = Max said...

So whats the Sad display?? just young or "I just cant believe they let my silly youngest brother in to a armed service.....we are all going to die!!"

Many of the young men and women join because they believe in doing something and being apart of an organizations bigger then themselves. We are more of givers of peace, humanitarian aid all over the world then War Fighting. Its like firefighters they cook more pancakes then putting out fires and saving lives. But they are more appreciated when their cooking then their real purpose. But firefighters get all the girls then the police.

Aaron said...

Okay maybe "sad" was the wrong word, and yes, because of how young they look. True, that there is a lot of humanitarian aid given, no question, however you can also be called to a war zone. Most Veterans from our family have seen combat, WWII, Vietnam, and they were not that old. Some also didn't have the choice to join or not, that is a lot of pressure to put on a kid. I'm not going to go into the politics of war and military, I am severely under qualified. For me its easier to read the eulogy of a 60 year old than a 23 year old.

lydia moyer said...

i think these kids are totally prepared! they've been playing violent video games for years before they inlisted! they're ready!

Kipp + Haruka = Max said...

I didn't want it to be about politics I just wanted to say thank you firefighters and your wonderful pancakes.

Aaron said...

They are nice! I'm saving you a special one.