Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stick to the issues

So the kids voted today in their classes. What a great concept, getting kids involved early in life. They might have done that when I was young and I just don't remember. It's interesting to hear their opinions on who should be President and why. Now I'm not a very political person, but I vote and try to stay current on the issues. So to have my kids come to me and want to talk about politics was new territory. I also felt that alot of their opinions might have been formed by their teachers, so I was geared up to objectively answer their questions and share my feelings.

Meagan approached me and said, "I like Obama because he plays basketball."

Alex said, "McCain likes hamburgers."

Apperently I'm not as current on the issues as I thought.

Get out and vote!


Melonius said...

And thats why kids dont vote...

lydia moyer said...

we heard mccain likes mexican food over here!
allen came home from school yesterday and said "obama is going to win today." i asked him why he thought that he said "i looked it up on NPR" (what the heck!)

kim said...

my boys wanted McCain because he was a soldier and had been to war

Isaac informed me last night on the way to drop of my ballot how the votes were counted. I was pretty impressed. I certainly didn't know anything about elections in first grade.

Paige said...

One more reason why we homeschool! :)

Gini said...

Isabel came home from school crying on Wednesday saying that our new president is a baby killer! I think I prefer what your kids are learning!