Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Long time away

So, yes, we've been gone a while. Through a series of events we were unable to post, broken computer, broken camera, sickness, famine, and swarms of locusts. Okay a little over the top.

Well we're back! New computer (one I can't drop), new camera (I did drop), and a whole lot of catching up to do.
We were pretty much sick the whole beginning of the year, passing it from one to another. Finally we had enough of the cold wet weather, so we went to Arizona.

Shari's dad lives just outside Phoenix. My friend Kevin lives just outside the other end of Phoenix. The Grand Canyon has lived there for quite some time. We felt this was a trip worth taking.

We stayed with Shari's dad for the first few days, the kids loved it. Putt-putt in the backyard, a pool close by, 75-80 degrees, it was great.

Alex, on the first day said, "this place is way better than Lynnwood!!". That may be true, but my job keeps us there. Grampa Gary was great letting us crash his bachelor pad.
 We were also able to visit cousins, Meagan and Alex really love Jake, Courtney, and Christina.
Next stop was the Grand Canyon, however we took a side trip to Sedona, and Shari fell in love.
Hiking in such a beautiful place was incredible.

Shari would have stayed here if she could have, but instead she's planning a trip back to Sedona next year. We'll see.

When we finally reached the Grand Canyon it was 50 degrees, wind, and dusk. I took two pictures and promptly dropped the new camera..... anger, no... frustration, no.... disbelief, maybe... after giving the kids an hour lecture on how to handle the camera,... I drop it, bent the lens housing and it stopped working. Needless to say, I was disappointed, Shari laughed at me, and the kids just looked on with wide eyes. All the way here and now, no camera. Well two hours, one yo-yo, and a peoples elbow later the camera was fixed. It still has some scratches but it works, yahoo!

The kids were like mountain goats they did great hiking down into the canyon and back up, never complained, and slept great that night.

Final stop was Mesa with the Burdicks.
Kevin had let us use his truck the entire time and we can't say thank you enough. We went with them to the Easter Pageant on the temple grounds, and just had a great time hanging out with there family. We can't wait till next year.


lydia moyer said...

i didn't know you were such good friends with the grand canyon! put in a good word for me and maybe i'll get invited to see him/her. what a great trip! all that outdoorsy stuff is really great for kids...you should take mine next time.

Melonius said...

Cool. Except for the camera part of course.

Paige said...

Welcome back. I was wondering what had happened to you guys. You are VERY brave (or crazy) to take your kids on such a long trip, but I'm sure they'll remember it when they're older.