Monday, June 2, 2008

Aaron was a great example to Alex last Valentines Day and he and Alex went and bought flowers for Meagan and I.  Her plant has long since died, but she wanted to replace it.  Tonight for FHE we were "beautifying our sanctuary" by pulling weeds.  Meagan found one with a small purple flowers and a peppery smell to plant in her pot.  She's so cute!

Isaac and Daddy gettin dirty!

Propel, the secret to larger watermelons and pumpkins!

For FHE we spent sometime in the back yard pulling weeds.  The kids were incredibly receptive.  Alex loved to play in the dirt and check out all the grubs, centipedes and spiders.  Meagan's focus was transplanting our weeds from one area of the yard to another.  Whatever floats your boat.


lydia moyer said...

super hydrated, size inhanced, propel fed watermelons and pumkins, i love it!

kim said...

What fun to find your blog via Lydia's. It has been way too long!!! Cute family you have!! Hope you don't mind if I blog stalk you!! Love you guys!!!

rigby ericksons said...

AARON!!! hey I found you on lyds blog! YOu have such a cute family. I love this bloging world, I have reconnected with so many people. I still have our mall posing pics. remember that? too funny! fun seeing you again!