Monday, June 30, 2008

silly grandma

Okay, if you haven't checked out my sisters (Lydia Moyer) blog, go now, read her post about "pead pods".

Welcome back, now that your caught up, this morning my mother (Grandma Debi) called to ask when I could come over and fix their cable situation in the apartment. "Aunt Susan is moving in and it needs to be up and running for Wimpleton." I had to clarify, sure enough "Wimpleton".
Sorry Mom, I had to tell everyone. Maybe Elsie is just a reflection of her mother, AND Grandma.


lydia moyer said...

poor mom! did shari tell you the barbarian bakery story? you have to have her tell you if not.
we love you mom, you give us a reason to laugh and you have such a good sense of humor when we call you on it!