Friday, June 20, 2008

Schools out for summer

So we all went to Field Day, the last day of school.
We were able to just hang out with the kids and play.
It has been a good year volunteering in Alex"s class, every Wed.
All the kids in his class are great, it was weird being called Mr. Williams.
I think I'm going to actually miss that part.
Here's some more pics of the rug rats...

Alex's class of monkeys

These kids are goofy

Alex was pretty proud of his dragon tat

Meagan always the little angel

Its been a few days since the school got out and already we have had the "Your driving me nuts" talk, and the "outside or inside, not both" discussion. Summer vacation? For who?


kim said...

I dread summer. Makes me wonder sometimes who's bright idea it was to have 4 kids. Couldn't have been mine. It's hard enough to have to come up with things to keep them busy, but Anna is not a self entertainer. She follow me around and drives me bonkers. She wants to go to the mall and if we aren't spending money, it doesn't count as an activity. I live for Fridays when Kevin comes home.

lydia moyer said...

here's my secret. i tell the kids they have to go outside and they can come in when they are ready to clean the house with me. they stay out there for hours!! of course our house is a mess!
and seriously don't take advice from me. i shouldn't even take advice from me:)