Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome home Mamma

Shari and the girls( grandma Debi, Lydia, and Haruka) went away for a couple days, for a girls retreat. We had play dates and ice skating parties, BBQ steaks on the deck, movie night all three nights, and a great time while she was away. The house was cleaned, scrubbed, and ready for display...well even the best plans can go bad. Anyway, we're glad she's back.
This is my sprained ankle and Alex's black eye.


kim said...

I'm just impressed you had the house clean and fed them something other than top ramen or tomato soup. That's pretty much all Kevin can do. I always fix every dinner and have it all ready to go so I know they are eating well. And I don't have any hope the house will be clean.

lydia moyer said...

what all heck breaks lose when shari's not home. you must have hit his face pretty hard to sprain your ankle that bad. no more karate practice for you two! stick to thumb wrestling!