Monday, June 23, 2008

What the kung fu?

It seems like all the cool people are going to see Kung Fu Panda. Not to be left behind we went also, actually Meagan and Alex were invited to go with some friends, so Shari, Isaac and I snuck, sneaked, whatever, into the back and watched it too. Its pretty pathetic being a Dad and having to beg to go see a cartoon.

me: I promise I won't sit by you, or talk to you, or anything.
Meagan, Shari, Alex, and Isaac: Wellllll, I don't know....fine, stop your crying. Your making a scene!!
(Not word for word.)


lydia moyer said...

your such a drama queen! wasn't the movie soooo funny?

kim said...

So which was better? Kung Fu Panda or Vertigo?? Knocked Shari off any couches lately???

We haven't seen that one yet, we are waiting, as always, to hit the 50cent theater.

Melonius said...

Hey, guys!! What's up??!! Are you surprised to get a comment from me??
Well, we haven't seen it does that mean we are not as cool as you?? Oh, right, that was determined long ago.

Aaron said...

As far as cool is concerned your off the chart.

Ronnie & Christine Brown said...

I got to see it twice! (two different groups of grandkids) Does that make me the coolest?

This is our oldest grandchild Bennett. (Gini and Jason's)