Monday, June 2, 2008

Daily Games

We have almost 4 hours with Alex alone before Meagan comes home each school day.  We try to be creative with that time.  He is also our homebody.  He'd prefer to stay home and "relax". Alex is also our game player.  So, we play a "daily game".  Usually it is Skip Bo.  Some other favorites are Parcheesi, Sorry, Phase 10, Snorta and Ticket to Ride.  It's amazing how many games Alex "wins".


lydia moyer said...

the only time i ever win is when i play with my kids. i never go easy on them i think it gives them character and it makes me feel better about myself!:)

Aaron said...

I usually let them win so that they leave, then I crush Isaac. It does make me feel good I have to admit.