Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another sunny day, another outing

Shari, Isaac and I went to Flower World, a nursery in Maltby, that has a walking path, goats, chickens, geese, and rocks to throw into a pond.
While Isaac and I threw rocks into the pond these geese came flying in from across the park, they're big. They flew right up to us, not more than 10 ft, Shari was ready to run, I grabbed Isaac and started kicking, then noticed they were not hissing, they thought our rocks were food. Oops! 

After we settled down, saw some caged animals, played Pooh-sticks, we ended up having a wonderful day together. We have had some great weather lately, and intend to take full advantage of it.

Here is a classic example of how my family treats me,
a) if I make the kids laugh for a photo, Shari gives me no respect, and laughs at my stupidity.

think "snort"

b) if I try not to look stupid in front of Shari, the kids want nothing to do with me.

breaks a dads heart

I'm going to need therapy. 


lydia moyer said...

i love the picture of shari laughing...just seeing her laugh made me laugh! i like making her laugh! and about isaac well i just want to grab that tounge and give it a little tug!

Judd and Debi Williams said...

Aaron just come back home and see that it's just the way your were raised, to take pride in the Williams special talents.
no need for therapy!!!