Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bottoms up!

We had a great time at our niece's b-day party. There were cupcakes, and root beer. Isaac really wanted some so we pulled the ol' switcharoo, and put water in a bottle. He didn't notice, and it seems he's a natural at bottle drinking.

( He doesn't get it from my side.) He was hilarious. We were lucky Rachel had her camera ready. 


Paige said...

Just give that boy a five o'clock shadow, wrap the bottle in a brown paper bag and you've got a great Halloween costume. Then again, some people may not look too kindly on that! What a cute boy!

Aaron said...

That's actually a great idea. He would be perfect for that role, he even staggers while walking sometimes.

Rachel Williams said...

Ha, ha. I love those pictures, but I think Bracan actually took them. That's ok, I'll take the credit.