Sunday, October 19, 2008

You say its your birthday.....

Recipe for a fall birthday party:  

*One little pumpkin stew
*One big plate of meat (what do you mean you don't eat no meat?!)
*One apple, dijon, walnut salad
*Many lemon, ginger cupcakes from Martha's 
Everyday Food magazine (yummo!) with rainbow chip frosting (birthday boy's choice)
*A little Enya playing in the background (Meagan's addition)
*A few family members; immediate and extended
*An exchange student from Taiwan
*A couple of laughs
*And a partridge in a pear tree (wait.. I'm getting ahead of myself)


lydia moyer said...

what a lame-O sister you have. sorry bro, i hope you had a great birthday. i'll send you a package of cookies and candy and pie and cake, or i'm thinking my present to you will be that i don't send you those things and let you keep your hormones in balance! ha!

Paige said...

Wow 35! That sure seemed old when I was younger, but now that I'm close to it, it doesn't seem so bad. Old age is all relative, right?!?!

rigby ericksons said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like a great party. I love the pumpkin.

Rachel Williams said...

Glad we could share in your birthday festivities. Thanks for dinner! It was yummy!