Monday, October 13, 2008

What we do on Sunday

We had a wonderful fast and testimony mtg this last Sunday. One Sister, who is from South America and speaks in a thick accent, got up and apologized to her husband for "eeting deelicious food en front of my husband". Shari didn't understand a word she said until I "translated" on our way home, at which point Shari, a nursing mother, looks at me and laughs. 

Seconds later at home as the rest of the family is having a feeding frenzy she takes a bite of homemade bread and says, (chomp) "man, this is so good." (chomp) Then she looks at me and smiles. No apology. No tears. Just crumbs.

My wife supports me so much, without her I wouldn't be half the man I am, I would be a little heavier.


lydia moyer said...

ha ha! you heavier? ya right! now shari be nice to aaron and don't eat his dessert i mean cantalope, blah!

rigby ericksons said...

For years now I have had Shari's excuse. Either preggers or a human bottle, but alas, never again for me. Five is my limit. Fasting here I come!