Sunday, October 19, 2008

Harvest Party

We went to Kingston for a harvest party on Saturday. It was great, there were activities for the kids, and adults, dinner, and treats.

It was a potluck barn party hosted by a friend from work. It was a beautiful day and evening. The kids had fun on the scavenger hunt, playing in the barn, and just generally running amuck. 
Meagan was very persistent at the apple bobbing station, she wouldn't give up until she had succeeded.
Isaac cheated, then tried to give Alex pointers on the finer art of bobbing.
Alex tried a couple more times then decided to go poke a stick
 in the fire pit. He also made a killing during the scavenger hunt, but was also sweet enough to give some to a little girl who hadn't done as well. He is really a sensitive guy at heart.


lydia moyer said...

what a fun day. so was this a let your kids do dangerous things party...try to drown yourself, check! play with a blazing hot fire, check! go play on the farm implements in the barn, check!
i think you covered everything!

Aaron said...

That pretty much sums it up.